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lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

Va de citas... Mistborn

El domingo acabé Mistborn la primera entrega de la trilogía de Brandon Sanderson que lleva el mismo nombre. Y debo decir que estoy muy agradecida a Kiel por obligarme a comprármela hace unos meses.

Este libro es el primero que leo de Sanderson (lo sé, lo sé, ¿cómo he esperado tanto?). Y me ha dejado muy impresionada. Aunque la parte negativa es que ahora se ha ampliado exponencialmente la lista de libros que tengo que leer (¿por qué tienen sólo veinticuatro horas los días?).

En fin, al tema.

Mistborn (edición original de Tor Fantasy)

Prólogo. Me gustó mucho la frase, sin más.
"No need", the old man said. "The last time I tried lords' food, I had stomach pains for three days. New tastes are like new ideas, young man -the older you get, the more difficult the are for you to stomach."

Chapter 31. ¡Por fin! Después de quinientas páginas de silencio, Vin explota. Y es espectacular.

"He's a nobleman!"
"So are you!" Vin snapped. She waved a frustrated arm towards the kitchen and the crew. "What do you think this is, Kelsier? The life of a skaa? What do any of you know about skaa? Aristocratic suits, stalking your enemies in the night, full meals and nightcaps around the table with your friends? That's not the life of a skaa!"
She took a step forward, glaring at Kelsier. He blinked in surprise at the outburst.
"What do you know about them, Kelsier?" she asked. "When was the last time you slept in an alley, shivering in the cold rain, listening to the beggar next to you cough with a sickness you knew would kill him? When is the last time you had to lay awake at night, terrified that one of the men in your crew would try to rape you? Have you ever knelt, starving, wishing you had the courage to knife the crewmember beside you just so you could take his crust of bread? Have you ever cowered before your brother as he beat you, all the time feeling thankful because at least you had someone who paid attention to you?"
She felt silent, puffing slightly, the crewmembers staring at her.
"Don't talk to me about noblemen," Vin said. "And don't say things about people you don't know. You're not skaa- you're just noblemen without titles."
She turned, stalking from the room. Kelsier watched her go, shocked, hearing her footsteps on the stairs. He stood dumbfounded, feeling a surprising flush of ashamed guilt.
And, for once, he found himself without anything to say.

Chapter 35.
Sazed es un gran, gran personaje.

"Belief isn't simply a thing for fair times and bright days, I think. What is belief -what is faith- if you don't continue in it after failure?"
Vin frowned.
"Anyone can believe in someone or something, that always succeeds, Mistress. But failure... ah, now, that is hard to believe in, certainly and truly. Difficult enough to have value, I think."

Y esto es todo. Lectura altamente recomendable si te gusta la fantasía épica.

¡Hasta pronto!


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